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Animal Chaplaincy Services - Blessing All Beings

  •      Animal blessings
  •      Funerals and memorials
  •      Support with pet hospice and euthanasia decisions
  •      Services for a child's pet
  •      Animal advocacy    

About Animal Chaplaincy

As you might imagine, much of animal ministry involves ceremonies and blessings for companion animals and their people… a meaningful part of what we do.

It also involves advocating for the rights of our animal relatives.

I ask you… what role do animals hold in your life?  Are they loving pets... wild or majestic creatures... food to eat?  Let’s stay on this last issue for a moment.  Most of us are disconnected from how food gets on our plates.

The overwhelming majority of meat eaten in our country comes from factory farms… farms which produce and slaughter well over fifty billion animals each year.  The lives of these animals are often miserable, short, and full of pain.  Factory farms are cruel operations that ignore the sanctity of animal life.

Additionally, intensive farming of animals is terrible for our environment.  Livestock operations pollute water and air and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions more than the emissions of ships, planes, and cars.

Also worthy of attention is the massive wastefulness and cruelty of commercial fishing.

Please think about this when considering food choices.  Choose a diet aligned with your values.

Are these sentiments about animals frivolous?  Not according to science.  Consider this... The biologist Charles Darwin is best known for contributions to the science of evolution… and Darwin recognized the welfare of animals.  He wrote that “There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.”

We cannot be neutral or indifferent when facing cruelty and abuse.  We are responsible to care for animals much as under-represented and marginalized people are entitled to justice and protection.  We should acknowledge them and actively pursue their wellbeing.

One great step we can all take is to move toward a plant-based diet.  With this single step, each of us can prevent harm to hundreds of animals each year.

All life is sacred.

May all farms be humane.

May all beings be free of suffering.


Blessing All Beings

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